Work & Travel USA

The program is designed so that overseas students can become more than tourists, experiencing life in the U.S. first-hand by working alongside U.S. citizens in temporary employment. Not only does this unique opportunity allow for a genuine “U.S. experience,” it helps cover travel expenses!

For a time, the program was offered only in European and Central/South American countries and was introduced in Asia only in the 1990s to countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. In Singapore, it officially took root in November 2000 and the program is available now in Malaysia, Australia, and Indonesia as well. A pioneer group of 30 students from Singapore embarked on this adventure in May 2001 through Speedwing and hundreds of other countries' students have participated in this program each year ever since.

Students on the program are employed in summer jobs in famous locations like amusement parks Cedar Point and Six Flags and national parks Yellowstone and Grand Canyon. Upon fulfilling their work agreement, they get to travel around the USA within a stipulated period as part of the program. In this way, they have in many seasons of the program formed meaningful friendships with people from many countries, acquired overseas work experience, and simply gained great memories.

This program is not for students to gain practical training, apply classroom knowledge, complete compulsory work attachment/internship programs unless otherwise stated by their institutions, or seek permanent work opportunities or long-term career in the USA. At the end of the program, all students must return to the country in which they are studying.