Overseas Volunteer

Volunteer service trips to suit everyone, no matter your age, background, or experience. The projects are open to anyone from age 18 to 75, with some unique programs for students and older volunteers.

Type of volunteers

* Volunteer Trips
A volunteer trip is a great way to explore the world while contributing to positive change and sustainable development. Volunteers have supported communities throughout the developing world while travelling and learning from other cultures. Volunteer travel is the perfect way to explore the world in a meaningful way! Embark on a trip with purpose.

* Volunteer Teaching
Teaching English language has undoubtedly been England’s most successful export of all time - so much so that it is likely there will always be a demand for native English speakers anywhere in the communities. Teaching volunteers is highly needed in most locations to work in local schools, providing conversational English lessons to groups of school children, who will often have reasonably good levels of written English but lack the confidence to speak it.

* Student Volunteer
Travelling to different country as a student volunteer abroad is becoming an increasingly popular option for high school and university students. You can choose to volunteer or intern in a field of study or interest. Each student has various reasons for spending time overseas. Be it Learning more about global issues and cultural exchange, gaining experience beyond classroom, adding new skill to resume, actively making a difference in the lives of those in need or just want to experience cultural immersion and building language skills.