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Here you will read winning articles from our scholarship participants.

Every year Speedwing holds a scholarship by having participants submit an article about their overall experience on our programs. Participants have kindly shared with us their adventures and winning entries have won them the program fee in return. Read more below!

Lim Wei Kai, Six Flags the Great Escape, WAT USA 2014
Lim Wei Kai

“Time’s up. Pens down!” bellowed the professor.
As the scribbling of pens on paper screeched to a halt, the examination hall fell into dead silence. If only they could hear the celebratory fireworks setting off in my mind! This was my last paper for my freshman year but more importantly, this also signified that I was less than 72 hours away from my flight to New York – the city where dreams are made of. This was where my summer adventures kicked off.



Samuel Koh Shun Wen, Mt Rainier National Park, WAT USA 2014

I can still remember the wanderlust that stirred in my soul when I first saw the email by Speedwing regarding the ‘USA Work and Travel Program’. I knew I had to apply for this program; this was my chance to explore the world at an affordable price through a reputable and experienced company. However, this did not make my decision to apply for the program an easy one. As a university student, there were other commitments and graduation requirements I had to fulfil. Furthermore, all my friends who were initially interested in the program could not commit to the program and eventually backed out. I was stuck in a dilemma between forgoing an internship in Singapore and fulfilling my desire to experience America. I vividly remember my doubts and fears about travelling alone for an extended period of time and the many ‘what ifs’ running through my head. While I was making my decision, I distinctly remember seeing this excerpt of a quote by Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. which said “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”. As cliche as that may sound, that was the turning point in my decision-making process. While I did acknowledge my doubts and my fears, I decided to take a leap of faith and sign up for the program.

Before long, time had passed and the administrative procedures and paperwork were done. School had ended and so had the final examinations. I was going to America!


Yap Min Hui, Cedar Point, WAT2013

A gifted artist and author, Mary Anne Radmacher once quoted, “I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world”. I very much concur! I may Yap Min Hui - Cedar Point have only travelled to a couple of countries during my student time but I immediately knew that travelling is my passion. As my final year project date lines approaching, and as many of my classmates busy applying for jobs, getting ready for graduation, I decided I wanted to pursue something else. I wanted to ‘see the world’ before I officially began my adult working life. Hence, how else better to begin by working and travelling to the United States of America? Why not watch a Broadway, the stage of professional theatrical performances? Why not visit hollywood, where stars are made?

Personally, there weren’t many terrfiying moments, hesitations or worries about coping in the States. Yes, parents were concerned about discrimination issues, working hours and whether I would be able to sustain myself at a foreign country for 4 months. Here I thought I am no girly girl, I speak decent english and I love burgers – I would do well ! =D As such, I invited a friend along and we were set for the 4 exciting summer months ahead. On that account, given that we have heard plenty of positive feedbacks on work and travel USA with Speedwing itelf, we decided right away to sign up with them.

Melissa Maniam Crater Lake, WAT 2012

Melissa Maniam, Crater Lake, WAT 2012

I can still remember vividly the night before my departure for what was to become the best trip of my life. It was undeniably terrifying to come to terms to the fact that I will be staying in a foreign country, far away from home for the next 3 months. A mixed of emotions engulfed me when I came to terms that it is time to be independent. On one hand being anxious of what is to come, I started questioning myself, will the people in America like me, will I have a hard time adapting to the lifestyle there. On the other hand, I was extremely excited for the new experience that awaits me. What was truly unexpected was that this trip was going to be an experience that I will never forget. This may sound very cliche, but having gone through the whole journey; it is entirely surreal. I have learnt so much from the trip and gained insights to things that I would have never imagined doing. This adventure enabled me to realize the important things in life, such as appreciating my family and friends.

Tan Ser Ern Jonathan, Yellowstone, WAT 2012
Tan Ser Ern Jonathan, Yellowstone, WAT 2012

I opened my eyes and peered dreamily out of the window. “Where are the chirping of birds, the rustling of leaves and the gentle swooshing of swift-flowing waters?” I shook my head as I dragged myself to the bathroom. Morning after morning, the same cycle repeated for a week or so after I returned from the greatest adventure of my life. Fleeting thoughts of escaping this concrete jungle and flying back to paradise crossed my mind a thousand times.

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