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Program Overview

This is a unique opportunity for students in Singapore and Malaysia to spend up to 6 months in New Zealand to gain practical work experience in their respective fields of study. Our partner in New Zealand is responsible in finding an employer for any participant who signs up for the program. The Internship NZ program is available to full-time tertiary students in Singapore and Malaysia who are required to complete an industrial attachment as part of their course of study.

Duration of Program

Internship period is 6 months. Participants who are required to return to school can only remain in New Zealand on the program until the last day of their school vacation and must return in time to start the new semester.

Eligibility Requirements

  • be at least 18 and not more than 30 years of age
  • be enrolled on full-time basis at a nationally accredited post-secondary institution
  • have sufficient English language skills to function in a business setting
  • have a proposed training program that demonstrates a correlation to your course of study and which must be a course requirement

When Is the Program Available?

This program runs all year. Interested candidates are advised to apply at least 3-4 months prior to your intended arrival date in New Zealand.

What Is Included in the Program?

Speedwing administers this program in partnership with our New Zealand partner – Internship New Zealand. Participants receive the following:

Before Departure

  • Job Placement (Hospitality & Tourism only)
  • Legal Documentation for Visa Sponsorship
  • Assistance in Visa Application (preparation of documents and interview if required)
  • Compulsory Orientation
  • Orientation Package

Upon Arrival in New Zealand

  • Support Services from New Zealand Partner Office
  • 24-hour Emergency Assistance
  • Arranged Airport Transfer on Arrival to Pre-Arranged Accommodation
  • 2 Nights of Accommodation at a Budget Hotel
  • Assistance with getting Tax Number
  • Arrangement of Bank Account
  • Welcome Pack inclusive of Participant Handbook and Lonely Planet Guide for New Zealand

For information about the New Zealand partner – Internship New Zealand, please visit Internship