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Program Overview

Work & Travel USA is administered by the US Department of State to achieve the objectives of international cultural exchange. Every year, this program allows tens of thousands of students from around the world to work and then travel in the USA under a Cultural Exchange Visitor program sponsors during their major school vacation.

For a time, the program was offered only in European and Central/South American countries and was introduced in Asia only in the 1990s to countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. In Singapore, it officially took root in November 2000 and is now available in Malaysia and Australia as well. A pioneer group of 30 students from Singapore embarked on this adventure in May 2001 through Speedwing and hundreds of other Singapore students have participated in this program each year ever since.

Students on the program are employed in summer jobs in famous locations like amusement parks Cedar Point and Six Flags and national parks Yellowstone and Grand Canyon. Upon fulfilling their work agreement, they get to travel around the USA within a stipulated period as part of the program. In this way, they have in many seasons of the program formed meaningful friendships with people from many countries, acquired overseas work experience, and simply gained great memories.

This program is not for students to gain practical training, apply classroom knowledge, complete compulsory work attachment/internship programs unless otherwise stated by their institutions, or seek permanent work opportunities or long-term career in the USA. At the end of the program, all students must return to the country in which they are studying.

Duration of Program

  • Minimum employment period is 2 to 3 months. Maximum is 4 months.
  • Duration of stay in the USA can be up to 5 months (maximum 4 months of employment followed by an optional maximum 30 days of travel within the US).
  • Legal work document and visa are generally issued for only the work duration agreed between each participant and the employer. Participants cannot extend work duration when they are already in the USA.
  • Participants who are required to return to school can only remain in the USA on the program until the last day of their school vacation and must return in time to start the new semester.

Eligibility Requirements

You must:

  • be at least 18 and not more than 30 years of age
  • be a full-time tertiary student with official semester break in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia or Australia (this applies for local & foreign students) OR a final year, final semester student graduating from a full time course
  • undergo an interview before you can be accepted on the program

When Is the Program Available?

Summer Program

This program is offered in Singapore and Malaysia.

In Singapore, Speedwing usually commences recruitment in August and organizes a recruitment road show in October for the program in the following summer. In Malaysia, recruitment usually commences in September with the recruitment road show in January/February for the program in the following summer. Participating employers will interview interested candidates at recruitment road shows in Singapore and Malaysia.

*Attention to Malaysian students!
From 2013 onward, Malaysian participants embark on the Summer Work & Travel USA will have to follow the set-date given. No employment can start earlier or end later than this range: May 25 – September 15 (no more May 15, effective 2016)

Winter Program
This program is now offered in Malaysia and Australia. Recruitment usually begins around June/July. Participating employers will interview interested candidates via virtual hiring i.e. Skype or phone interview.

*Attention to Malaysian students!
From 2013 onward, Malaysian participants embark on the Winter Work & Travel USA will have to follow the set-date given. No employment can start earlier or end later than this range: November 25 – March 15 (no more November 15, effective 2016)

What Is Included in the Program?

Speedwing administers this program in partnership with US Cultural Exchange Visitor program sponsor organizations such as CIEE, GeoVisions, Janus, Dynamic Global Exchange, CICD and more.

Participants receive the following:

Before Departure

  • Information sharing sessions by Speedwing
  • Personal consultation services (by appointment only)
  • Scheduled interview with the US employer
  • Job placement arrangement and confirmation
  • Legal documentation ( obtaining legal work document – DS-2019, which is required for visa application, SEVIS payment etc)
  • Legal Sponsorship for working in the US
  • Assistance in Visa Application (preparation of documents, arrangement of interviews etc)
  • Flight arrangements
  • Compulsory Pre-Departure Orientation
  • Orientation Package

Upon Arrival in US

  • Health and Medical Insurance Coverage provided by Cultural Exchange Visitor program sponsors for duration of stay in the US
  • Assistance in applying for Social Security Card when possible
  • 24-hour Emergency Support and Services in the US throughout duration of program
  • Continued support services from Speedwing

For information about the Cultural Exchange Visitor program sponsors, please visit
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